Redemption From a Bad Art Journal Page


So, yesterday was just the pits-I won’t depress you with the details, but suffice it to say- I needed to make some art for therapy.

I go to my studio and get to work-really just happy to be there and looking forward to playing and expressing myself in my art journal.

Well, I expressed myself alright, if by “myself” I mean- I am some night stalking, dark hearted ,untalented serial killer of art. I am not kidding you, no matter what I did-it was hideous! I covered the first terrible effort with gesso and started over-even worse-covered that with gesso- it did not get any better. Now, I have made some stuff that I am not proud of , but this was a never ending nightmare.  Can I get a witness? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, I finally got a clue and just abandoned that page like the sorry freeloading houseguest it was and started with one completely fresh.

This one came together with very little effort and I was just super pleased with the results! Now, why on earth does that happen? I don’t know-but I am so glad this day had a happy ending, and here it is. (maybe not worth the buildup to you guys, but it made me feel like not such a pointless dufus.

Argh! I typed this whole description of how I did this page-and boy, let me tell you-I was my most clever, entertaining self-but somehow it got lost in the intrawebs and is lost forever! I don’t do encores-so let me just boil down the process here in a KISS form.

1. Circle stencil with Chipped Sapphire and Mustard Seed distress stain

2. Gesso applied with palette knife here and there

3.Some really old MM acrylic paint in Monarch-also applied here and there with palette knife.

4.Stamped with tiny dot stamp with gelatos and black archival ink

5.Stamped sentiments on both pages with wood mount and foam alphabets

6.Rubbed some blue gelato around the edges

7.Applied various rub ons and tiny butterfly stamps.

Voila and J’ai fini! ( I learned not to say Je suis fini because apparently that means “I am dead ” instead of ” I have finished”)

Oh also some decorative tape I got at Wal mart in the $1section. There! Done, done and done!


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  1. I totally feel your pain. Sometimes no matter what I do, the piece just won’t come together. At least you ended on a fabulous note, though!

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