Introspective with Color Explosion

Introspective with Color Explosion

I had so much fun making this- I wish I could say I had a clear picture in my mind of how this page was going to look, but I had nothing. I just started painting and spraying until it looked finished to me. In fact, when I do have a clear picture of how I want things to look, it almost never turns out that way-I can’t seem to translate what is in my head to the paper.

1. I colored a lot of random spirals with gelatos in green, blue, yellow, and orange. I mixed them with my wet finger and then sprayed with water to make them run a little. I dried that and covered a lot of it with a thin layer of gesso.

2.I added a couple of drops of Liquitex Acrylic ink (transparent raw umber) and used a straw to spray into cool spider patterns you have to blow hard and move your straw around for this) Don’t pass out!

3. Grabbed a Mister Huey’s zigzag mask( it has a real name, but I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to walk over to where it is and see) and place it wherever and spray it alternately with bubblegum pink  and fresh lime Dylusions spray.

4. Get some random stamps images, numbers ,letters and some words and stamp them around-making sure to frame the photo. I also threw in some stamping with my baby dot stamp in various colors and places. It’s pretty subtle.

5. Did a couple of rub ons under the photo to help frame it as well.

6. Some decorative tape and Martha Stewart die cuts and place the photo (this one was printed onto regular copier paper because I wanted it to blend into the background as much as possible. I then put some gesso on the edges followed with strips of masking tape. Done!

So, without further ado (what does “ado” actually mean, anyway?- and why don’t we want more-I feel like there might be times when I would like  a little more ado)

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