Ahhh!!! Real Dentists!!


It’s a relatively sane hour right now-7:40 .a.m. , to be exact-but I know I have been awake since probably 4. Here’s what happens- I go right to sleep, but then for some reason I wake up (go to the bathroom-of course) and then by the time I get all snuggly again- I think about how badly I need to go to the dentist and I can usually forget about getting back to sleep at that point. I am talking serious dental phobia here- which has led to several issues that need addressing(that I know of)- which leads to my mental process- me: “It’s terrible, it will take 14 visits, they won’t be able to fix me without a total jaw replacement,i will cry, pass out, throw up-PAIN!!!!!! “The other me: “Jjust go, or it will only get worse”.  The other, other me: ” But…$$$$$$$$??- it will end up costing-(you don’t want to know)-how can I possibly pay for all of that?”-     The other, other, other  me: “Maybe I will die first.”

So, that’s where I am right now- just a nice dose of morning honesty to start your Sunday right. In a little while I will go to church and smile with my terrible teeth and pretend I am not freaking out all the time about one thing or another.

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