WOYWW #164


So, here it is, another Wednesday and time to show you what my creative mess looks like today ! Take a look at other “messes” and maybe post yours over at Julia’s blog.

I am on my second effort to put together a page for the latest WhiteWith1 layout contest. I had to totally trash the first one-FAIL!

This one shows promise if I can keep from screwing it up- that’s a big if!

Maybe you can see my carved stamps sitting there waiting to be used (not on this page tho)- My sweet son carved them for me. One day I will probably get around to doing my own, but for now- he is my go-to guy.


I was tempted to cover up my work, you know, just in case-but I trust you all 🙂 !! Who knows? It might end up right next to the last one!


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  1. Havent heard of the contest youre entering, so your LO is safe with me…..and from this angle, it looks great! How sweet of your son..so nice when they grow useful!!

  2. A lovely creative desk, although I couldn’t see your carved stamps but they sounfd really interesting
    janet #18

  3. You should show your stamps up close an personal. I have been hearing a lot aboout people carving their own stamps, I wouldn’t know where to start. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope you are enjoying your first WOYWW. You should know that it is addictive. But, lots of fun. #81

  4. Please can we see your carved stamps in close up? Your son sounds extremely clever!!

    BTW I LOVE the colourful heading to your blog, it’s gorgeous!

    Hugs, LLJ #28 xx

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