Gangsta Prom- Dressing up old scrapbook paper


Haha! Now that I have your attention-spit out that gum and look at me when I’m talking to you! Oh=Whoops!- Never mind

Mixed Media techniques make it really easy to turn an old, dated piece of scrapbook paper into something really cool- this is a piece of Basic Grey from the Ambrosia (I think) collection-as I’ve said before, I’m too lazy to get up and go check.  These are photos from my son’s girlfriend’s prom-she is the cutest little thing and that dress is killer! Of course he cleans up pretty well too. He went out and got a new hairdo and paid a buttload of money for that tux!

Hence the photo

So forget that these photos are like  a year and a half old- just let it happen-it’s fine. I mean, I could start from the beginning of time and post all the baby photos from never mind how many years ago!

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