Composition Notebook Collage


Ok- so, I did this as a sample for an art class I’m teaching to little homeschool babies (not literal babies-everything cute is a baby in my house)-I had no intention of posting it on my blog-but it just turned out so awesome that I couldn’t help myself!  Do you ever have the experience where you are working on whatever and no matter what you do with it-it just won’t happen-that thing just keeps fighting you and you keep trying to force into submission-but then, when you finally give up and just let it tell you what it wants, then all of a sudden-it comes together like a plan on the A-team!(which, btw- dumbest show ever!)

It’s weird-but that’s what happens to me all the time-and it was no different for this. When I stopped trying to force it and just let it happen-it was so cool!

So, I started with a piece of thick preprinted paper- like those big sheets you get at an art store- cut it down and glued it. Brushed over it with gesso- ripped up some book text-glued that (mod podge all over the place on this thing)-some walmart butterfly tape-a strip of scrapbook paper (with good times printed on it) then I got out some doilies that I had already dabbed with brown and blue ink-so I added some purple and cut them up and glued them down as well. On top of that I adhered cut up pieces of a paint card-and for the finishing touch-some drippy circles of purple Liquitex acrylic ink.( the color has a name-but as I have said several times- I am not getting up to go find out-it’s purple, ok?)  Finished it all with some blue ink smeared on the edges and done!   It’s just a notebook cover-I know and prolly I am just waaaaay too proud of myself-but it is what it is. Now, go glue some stuff!

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