Handmade Coasters- Homeschool Art Class Project


I found a stack of blank cardboard coasters I bought a long time ago and just never did anything with- so I thought they might make a good project for my art class.  This was so simple and I think they turned out awesome!

I started with a layer of paint(it’s better if it looks kind of rough and uneven)- dried that then grabbed a stencil and sponged another paint color on top. Then pick a 3rd paint color and give it a light go over-I rubbed off some of it with a paper towel so it would look more aged and rough. Then just follow up with several coats of  mod podge glossy acrylic spray on sealer. You can see on the blue coaster I outlined the stencil pattern with white pen to make it pop. Also on both coasters I painted a little of my stencil color around the edges.

I haven’t actually put a glass on it yet, so I can’t tell you how well they actually work-but they look good!

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      • Yep! I just took two squares of fabric (right sides together) and sewed around 3 sides. Flipped it right side out, stuffed a square of batting inside & sewed up the 4th side. Then I quilted a design on top. Super easy and a cute little detail. They make good gifts, too!

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