Happy with Dylusions Art Journal page


I just bought the Dylusions Art Journal and I already love it! The paper is just a perfect medium to work on for all kinds of uses. Believe me ,I know because I think I used almost all of them on this page! The end result made me so happy, hence the name.
    Now I will attempt to give you a basic rundown of my process:
  1. I sprayed some water on the page and spritzed it with Dylusions sprays in bubblegum, fresh lime, turquoise and lemon zest.
  2. Colored in some of Balzerdesigns new heart stencils with Caran d’ache watercolor crayons then went over it with a wet brush.
  3. I added a photo transfer on the bottom right of dancers feet, but as you can see it is barely visible. After this point I was not ” happy” with my page.
    4.  I applied some Faber- Castel gel sticks around the hearts and transfer,but I still didn’t like it.
     5. Gesso!!!!I swear, when in doubt, get the gesso out! Finally I could see some hope in this mess. It was downhill from there.
      6. Did some random circles with Golden Yellow Dr.Martin’s india ink  outlinednwith black india ink and then just had fun coloring with my gel sticks on random places.
     7. Final touch- some splattering with india and acrylic inks and finis!


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