Happy Anniversary!


     Ok. So, it’s been……..a really long time since I posted anything. I haven’t done any art since December , due to a move and not having my art supplies with me for all this time. But, thanks to previously mentioned handsome man, I now have my supplies set up in a much smaller space in my new place.
    As soon as I could, I got to work. This piece I call , “Happy Anniversary”, because the base is made up of wrapping and tissue paper from the beautiful gifts my handsome man gave me for our recently celebrated, 2 year anniversary.
      Even tho I really like the colors and such, I need to start doing some new stuff and using new color combinations. I have seen that since I have been away from the mixed media art world, some of my favorite artists seem to have hit a wall with their art , while some are happily still evolving.  I hope to avoid the wall.
    Anyhoo, without any further ado , here it is. Hope the 2 people who are still following me, like it! Lol!


    See ya next time!

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