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Dark and Stormy Night Canvas

Dark and Stormy Night Canvas


I really need to remember to take more photos of my process- sorry:

This first one is when I am already almost done with the canvas. I started with a stenciled base using heavy modeling paste. One of those big stencils you get at Michaels.

I then painted it with some Josonjas acrylic -rose madder and a teal color (can’t remember what brand)- I did a lot of pastels in greens, pinks and yellows and then sprayed some workable fixative over it before my next step.

Following all that, I attached some crocheted lace pieces with some mod-podge-which I painted over with acrylic inks and rubbed over it with dark glitters. I also affixed some green cord with more modeling paste and covered that with glitter as well. I also rubbed the areas around the lace with some dark colored pastels followed by more workable fixative. Some various ink drips here and there and voila!

This piece just seems very dark and brooding- I prolly was fighting with my ex at that point. I wish you could feel it, it is so full of texture!

Thanks for playing folks!


Bad Apples Canvas


Well, I’m in a mood tonight , but I wanted to post this canvas before I let time get away from me. Sitting on the porch watching fireflies and the grass grow. These are a few of my favorite things. Ok, that’s only two, so sue me.
    Anyway, on to the show.
This piece is my version of a faux finish with some foam stamped apples and acrylic ink bits. It’s really simple, but I like it. Hope you do to. Thanks for stopping by!


Canvas love


Lately I have been doing a little stretching, art wise. I began by making my honey a birthday canvas , rather than a birthday card, and  I had so much fun with that, I just kept going. It’s interesting how each medium I work with seems to inspire a different sort of artistic expression. Whether I am working on watercolor paper, my Donna Downey art journal or even Dyan Reavely’s art journal. Or even just scrapbooking. They all have a different feel.
   So, below are just a couple of canvases I have been working on lately. I have another one I did yesterday that I will post as soon as I am able.


This one is my version of a piece I saw hanging at the doctor’s office the other day. I wanted to take a pic of that one, but I didn’t want to be weird (er than usual).


This one started as pseudo scrapbook page in black and pink which I adhered to the canvas and immediately detested. So of course my only choice was to cover it with gesso, tissue paper and a bottom

layer of paint before something decent started to emerge. And yay!! I am really pleased with it now.
BTW , having a WordPress app on my phone is great, because I can blog in bed. Nice!
Hope you have a day full of good surprises.

It’s About Time


So- its been awhile since I did anything on my blog. I have been so distracted by my life that I can’t even focus on day to day things very well lately. Some really good things, and some not so good things just crushing my  mind grapes for awhile now. I am getting ready to say goodbye to my old life and start a new one- so far, it doesn’t look too bad from over here.

  1.    What I am loving lately: Supernatural– Granted, I am getting in on this waaay late in the game. I am only just catching up on old episodes and so far I’m only on Season 4, but I am loving it! It’s the right combination of scary, bloody, gorgeous and hilarious. Check my FB page to see a couple of my favorite moments so far. Especially the one where Dean has demon sickness and sees a cat!
  2. Still riding the Downton Abbey train,and now I have Tunnel Bear so I can see the new episodes before they officially come out in the US!
  3. Someone who really takes the sting out of difficulties in life just by being there and treating you like a valuable person. Who calls you a “hippie” and “crazy” and makes them both sound like good things.
  4. Reading the new Stephen King book about JFK.
  5. Dry Reisling…who knew?
  6. Downtown Charlotte- for the first time I can actually see why someone would want to live there.

Something I hate: We had to say good bye to my dog Jake after 14 years. He just couldn’t do it anymore and I wasn’t going to ask him to. My girls and I cried a lot that day-as did my son i’m sure, but from far away.

Well, onto some photos of what my art class has been up to lately. Last time they were working on altered canvases- here are their works in progress. I don’t know why, but I can only get two photos to upload into this post- whenever I add a third-one of the previous one’s gets deleted. Blargh!!!