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It’s About Time


So- its been awhile since I did anything on my blog. I have been so distracted by my life that I can’t even focus on day to day things very well lately. Some really good things, and some not so good things just crushing my  mind grapes for awhile now. I am getting ready to say goodbye to my old life and start a new one- so far, it doesn’t look too bad from over here.

  1.    What I am loving lately: Supernatural– Granted, I am getting in on this waaay late in the game. I am only just catching up on old episodes and so far I’m only on Season 4, but I am loving it! It’s the right combination of scary, bloody, gorgeous and hilarious. Check my FB page to see a couple of my favorite moments so far. Especially the one where Dean has demon sickness and sees a cat!
  2. Still riding the Downton Abbey train,and now I have Tunnel Bear so I can see the new episodes before they officially come out in the US!
  3. Someone who really takes the sting out of difficulties in life just by being there and treating you like a valuable person. Who calls you a “hippie” and “crazy” and makes them both sound like good things.
  4. Reading the new Stephen King book about JFK.
  5. Dry Reisling…who knew?
  6. Downtown Charlotte- for the first time I can actually see why someone would want to live there.

Something I hate: We had to say good bye to my dog Jake after 14 years. He just couldn’t do it anymore and I wasn’t going to ask him to. My girls and I cried a lot that day-as did my son i’m sure, but from far away.

Well, onto some photos of what my art class has been up to lately. Last time they were working on altered canvases- here are their works in progress. I don’t know why, but I can only get two photos to upload into this post- whenever I add a third-one of the previous one’s gets deleted. Blargh!!!

Handmade Coasters- Homeschool Art Class Project


I found a stack of blank cardboard coasters I bought a long time ago and just never did anything with- so I thought they might make a good project for my art class.  This was so simple and I think they turned out awesome!

I started with a layer of paint(it’s better if it looks kind of rough and uneven)- dried that then grabbed a stencil and sponged another paint color on top. Then pick a 3rd paint color and give it a light go over-I rubbed off some of it with a paper towel so it would look more aged and rough. Then just follow up with several coats of  mod podge glossy acrylic spray on sealer. You can see on the blue coaster I outlined the stencil pattern with white pen to make it pop. Also on both coasters I painted a little of my stencil color around the edges.

I haven’t actually put a glass on it yet, so I can’t tell you how well they actually work-but they look good!