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White Space -The Sequel

White Space -The Sequel

So, another practice in white space in one of my Dylusions Art Journal.


Again, I started by laying down some gesso- then did some circle stencils with fluorescent paints- the positive and negative side of the stencil. Then used gesso to layer some Julie Fei-Fan Balzer Funky Tag stencil.

Some more gesso smeared around followed by some stamping with Michelle Ward’s shutter stamps- some green gold Golden acrylic paint-and magenta Ultrech acrylic on the inside and outside corners. I did some random pseudo writing with my uni-ball- some dots of Liquid Pearls and finally blobs of black india ink spread around with a straw.  A few other miscellaneous stamping and voila!

I have prolly left a step or two out-but you get the idea I hope.

Here are a few other photos including some close-ups.

20151015_084249 20151015_084302

Thanks for playing!

More Assorted Pages


All of these pages are done in my Dyan Reavely art journal( which is awesome!).





Assorted Journal Pages


So today I find myself with quite a backlog of work that hasn’t been blogged, so instead of doing a post for every piece, I figured I would just post some pics on two or three posts instead. I hope you enjoy them!





Mystery- Art Journal Page


If there is one word for my artistic style, it would be……………………………hmmmmmmmmmmmm……. is there one word for it? I dunno- Hot Mess? That’s two words-  work with me people!

Anyhow- whatever it is- here is the latest. The title is a shortened version of  ” The Lord works in mysterious ways–His wonders to behold!” And I am here to tell you-that is the TRUTH!  You can’t figure Him out no matter how much you think you have- something happens in your life and you just shake your head and wonder. Sometimes in sadness, but sometimes in absolute happiness.  Here’s to more happiness!!!

So, blah, blah, blah……get on with it!   If you look closely you might see a few pieces of a phone book underneath everything 🙂 Personally I am loving the scribbles. I really should pay attention to my steps so I can describe them to you-but frankly I can’t remember them all- I know I started with some Liquitex acrylic inks, then stenciled with the blazonery stencil, a multi circle stencil I got at Staples (or was it Michael’s?) I even laid down a piece of string in a haphazard way and sprayed some pink Dylusion spray over it. There is also a  clock stencil I put here and here with some purple madder Josonjas acrylic paint-  and then smeared everything with some gesso. I hope that helps.

Shake it Out- Art Journal page


The caption on this page is a quote from a Florence and the Machine song ” It’s hard to dance with the Devil on your back, so shake him off.”

Ain’t that the truth! I have not been doing much dancing for quite awhile-but lately, things have definitely changed for the better- I’m hoping I have shaken him off for good now.  Believe it or not I know someone who absolutely detests Florence! How can that be, you ask? I only wish I knew. Tsk, tsk.  Here’s the video for an added treat: 

And here is the page:

Art Journaling on Donna Downey work mat


So, I was in the art room last weekend wanting to do something-but not sure what, and I came across this  paper work mat I saved from a class at Donna Downey’s shop.  I thought it might be fun to fiddle with, so fiddle I did!

I had no plans -I just turned on my music and got to boogeying (I have no idea how to spell that)- sidenote: I have lately been accused of being a hippie and also “out there”- which I was assured was a good thing (?) Hmm..ok , if you say so- so basically, I was in there being a hippie apparently! I dunno, there are worse things to be called.

Anyhow- since I know you cannot wait another minute to see my magnificent hippie art……………………………….(that would be the drumroll)


I personally really love the look of the stenciled brick I did with modeling paste-which is laid over the printed brick pattern already on the paper-which is mostly visible on the top left part.  Sometimes I just have so much fun-and this was one of those times!


Using Art Journal Techniques for Scrapbook pages


Hi all!

I know, I know- it’s been forever since I posted anything- my house has been in an uproar, and I have just been really distracted by things lately and just haven’t created much art at all-but the last several days I have been KILLING IT! I don’t know what’s come over me- but I just have to share what I’ve been up to. And this is after I spent practically a week not sleeping ,not eating-couldn’t focus on anything useful- I completely stopped cooking dinner for days- I was a wreck basically. But now, thanks to ALOT of prayer and determination- I think I have conquered the beast and I’m back to almost full brain function! So, to prove it- I wanted to show you one of my favorite art journal techniques and how to apply it to a scrapbook page.

    The first thing I did was  paint the background grey, then mix some modeling paste with some red paint and scrape it over a damask stencil on top of the dried paint- here is the art journal page with this technique in the background.  Here is the scrapbook page where I used the same background technique:

  I know it’s not the best photo ,but frankly,I’m kind of lazy and this is as good as it gets today!

You can see the damask pattern here and there- over that I stamped a Donna Downey dress form foam stamp with black paint-rubbed some light blue here and there and laid down some papers and voila!

I hope this has helped you see how versatile these techniques really are and how you can use them in all sorts of art applications-Cheerio!!

Poisoned Apple Art Journal Page


I don’t know why I named this ‘Poisoned Apple”- it’s just the first thing to come to my mind. I just couldn’t bring myself to muck it up with words or any other embellishment-so it stands as is.

For the background I used some of my inked up paper from previous works and cut it up and used gel medium to adhere it to my pages. I just love those big rolls of craft paper- they are perfect to work on and when you’re done, you cut out the cool stuff and throw the rest away!

After I adhered the background- I cut out pieces from a shopping bag from Donna Downey’s with old timey news print on it and stuck in a couple of places and spread some gesso around it. I also used some on both sides of the inclusion.

The ink splatters are probably one of my favorite parts to this page-I used Liquitex Acrylic Ink there.

The apple shapes are a foam stamp that I spread some paint on- and then I finished by using the stamps my son carved for me.

So, enjoy!

You’re Not the Boss of Me!…Art journal page


After too many years spent with certain people who try to force me into their idea of who or what I should be (so I can fulfill their needs and desires)- I am struggling to figure out who I am and who I’m supposed to be (sounds like a Gavin DeGraw song)-I haven’t gotten there yet, but this page expresses my very strong opinion that no one (on earth) has the right to define my reality!

To do this background I first started with a layer of Josonjas acrylic in Napthol Red Light-then I stamped a harlequin pattern and embossed with clear embossing powder-covered that with a layer of Josonjas in Rose Pink- after that dried an rubbed over the images with a baby wipe-then emphasized some of the diamonds with Jacquard permanent resist pain in Russet- I then added some gold rub ons, brushes of gesso,bright pink paint, gold metallic gelatos and acrylic paint, with some of the Russet added along the edges followed by some distressing with a brown ink pad. When in doubt, just keep laying on color! If you want it more blendable, use your fingers- it’s so much fun! OOps! I don’t want to forget- I also used a circle stencil here and there with my bright pink paint and also used the ghosted image (turn over the stencil and then use it as a stamp) Whew ! That sounds like a lot-but it’s totally doable.

Some more rub ons, stamped ladies I cut out and adhered to both pages-bird on a wire tape and stamped and written lettering. I ended up gluing the inclusion flaps together.

A view of the other side.

Becoming……..Art Journal Page


Lately it seems like I am getting better at making backgrounds and not so great at laying things on top of them. This page is my take on some more Michelle Ward techniques- I put  down some paint and collaged some papers and doily scraps , gessoed a foam stamp to  a resist-then I painted over that, sanded that layer, stamped some butterflies and gessoed over them- added some words and label stickers and border stamping.

The quote is ” The wait between caterpillar and butterfly can seem painful and eternal, but what you become is beautiful”.

I am in that in between place and have been for awhile- it is so hard-but I am hopefully learning contentment in every situation, to wait on the Lord and to trust Him. Then it occurred to me that one function of the butterfly’s cocoon,is to protect the developing butterfly. So, instead of seeing my wait time as frustrating, I am going to try to see it as a protective bubble that God is using for my own good and to better prepare me for whatever comes next.

” The wait between caterpillar and butterfly can seem painful and eternal, but what you become is beautiful.”