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Absorbent Grounds and Watercolors Experiment


So, I have this expensive jar of Golden Absorbent Grounds because a certain well known artist and blogger in my area (I’ll give you a hint: her initials are DD 🙂 recommends them for preparing your substrate for watercolors (if you aren’t using watercolor paper). I bought them and kind of haphazardly used them one time, but wasn’t impressed with it at all,so I just set it aside and forgot about it. Well, after considering how much money I spent on it, I hated to just let it go to waste-so I figured I would do a controlled experiment to see if I liked it better.

Results: I have mixed feelings. The watercolors did mix and move better with the AG, but you could see the brush marks behind the paint which I didn’t like at all-I would say you definitely need it to make gelatos move-but it’s optional with watercolor crayons. I didn’t try it with liquid or tube watercolors-maybe you can try that and share your results with me.

Here are the results of my experiments: