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Gangsta Prom- Dressing up old scrapbook paper


Haha! Now that I have your attention-spit out that gum and look at me when I’m talking to you! Oh=Whoops!- Never mind

Mixed Media techniques make it really easy to turn an old, dated piece of scrapbook paper into something really cool- this is a piece of Basic Grey from the Ambrosia (I think) collection-as I’ve said before, I’m too lazy to get up and go check.  These are photos from my son’s girlfriend’s prom-she is the cutest little thing and that dress is killer! Of course he cleans up pretty well too. He went out and got a new hairdo and paid a buttload of money for that tux!

Hence the photo

So forget that these photos are like  a year and a half old- just let it happen-it’s fine. I mean, I could start from the beginning of time and post all the baby photos from never mind how many years ago!

Using Art Journal Techniques for Scrapbook pages


Hi all!

I know, I know- it’s been forever since I posted anything- my house has been in an uproar, and I have just been really distracted by things lately and just haven’t created much art at all-but the last several days I have been KILLING IT! I don’t know what’s come over me- but I just have to share what I’ve been up to. And this is after I spent practically a week not sleeping ,not eating-couldn’t focus on anything useful- I completely stopped cooking dinner for days- I was a wreck basically. But now, thanks to ALOT of prayer and determination- I think I have conquered the beast and I’m back to almost full brain function! So, to prove it- I wanted to show you one of my favorite art journal techniques and how to apply it to a scrapbook page.

    The first thing I did was  paint the background grey, then mix some modeling paste with some red paint and scrape it over a damask stencil on top of the dried paint- here is the art journal page with this technique in the background.  Here is the scrapbook page where I used the same background technique:

  I know it’s not the best photo ,but frankly,I’m kind of lazy and this is as good as it gets today!

You can see the damask pattern here and there- over that I stamped a Donna Downey dress form foam stamp with black paint-rubbed some light blue here and there and laid down some papers and voila!

I hope this has helped you see how versatile these techniques really are and how you can use them in all sorts of art applications-Cheerio!!

WOYWW #164


So, here it is, another Wednesday and time to show you what my creative mess looks like today ! Take a look at other “messes” and maybe post yours over at Julia’s blog.

I am on my second effort to put together a page for the latest WhiteWith1 layout contest. I had to totally trash the first one-FAIL!

This one shows promise if I can keep from screwing it up- that’s a big if!

Maybe you can see my carved stamps sitting there waiting to be used (not on this page tho)- My sweet son carved them for me. One day I will probably get around to doing my own, but for now- he is my go-to guy.


I was tempted to cover up my work, you know, just in case-but I trust you all 🙂 !! Who knows? It might end up right next to the last one!


White With 1- White With Polka Dots and Tape


On the heels of my first layout challenge and “A Christmas Story” moment (“It’s a major award!”) – well, it was to me anyway 🙂 I wanted to enter the next WW1 challenge with this  layout featuring my lovely eldest daughter.

I was trying out something new as far as scrapbook styles go- the multi layered look with all the curled edges-not my usual style, tho I don’t know if I have a “style” really- I like to try new things all the time. The only thing I can say about my style is that it is not neat and orderely. LOL!

I have incorporated polka dots in all kinds of ways here, from using several papers with dots, to dots of Liquid Pearls, and dots on the little flower peeking out at the top.

The tape (handmade) shows up underneath the photo where it is holding the crystal branch on to the page and also underneath the corner of the butterfly at the top left of the photo.  I really loved how freeing this challenge was! I hope you like it too!

Honorable Mention at White With 1!!!!!


Wow! I am so excited! Only my second time entering a layout contest online and I got honorable mention! I was so shocked to see my page there-but how cool is that?

Here is the link to see my entry

I’m actually probably lucky to have gotten that as I realized too late that I was supposed to be using LIGHT blue-and as you can see- not so much.

So happy! (heel clicks in the air)

Cricut Stencil Backgrounds


I was sharing with someone how I made backgrounds for some background pages with stencils cut from my Cricut machine-she wanted some photos-so I figured I would go ahead and do a tutorial for everyone who might be interested. This is so easy and fun and super versatile-just limitless possibilites. Here my examples are really just the beginning of what you can do with some cut out shapes and some misting . Don’t get me started on modeling paste and paint! I started with a 12×12 piece of cardstock and set my size on 2 1/2 inches and set the machine on Auto Fill.

I think the photos are pretty self explanatory,but I welcome your questions!

I forgot to add the photo of the flowers placed on my page before I misted-this is the after photo when I pulled up the flowers

Scrapbooking Someone Elses Kid


I know I am running out of good photos of my kids who are all basically grown, when I end up scrapping photos of my grandnephew(greatnephew?) . Not that he isn’t totally scrappable (it’s a word)- I mean, just look at that face, but I find myself not taking many photos anymore since my son has become the family photographer and I can’t seem to get him to sit still long enough to print photos for me!