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Mystery Abounds


Ok, so I don’t know what to call this one- maybe someone can help me out?  I gotta say tho, I really like it.  I was so into it, I totally forgot to take photos of the process. Whoops! One of these days I am going to break down and make some videos. Also, why do I like circles so much? And why would I have a dream that a co worker and I were being chased by Zombies? And why did I capitalize “zombies”?  So, what is my New Years resolution, you ask? Admit it, you asked. Hmmm….learn how to actually draw? Learn Excel once and for all.  The list is long…

Anyhow, back to art!

2015-12-10 08.40.56

For this canvas, I used several colors of Daler-Rowney pearlescent colors as a base. Also, mostly Josonjas acrylics- including Vermillion- I really love Vermillion.

I love how it looks when I layer the pearlescent colors on top of each other and blend with my fingers. Pretty freakin cool!

Welp, that’s all I have to say about this piece- thanks for playing!



I recently sold my first piece of art! I didn’t even have to try and the buyer was really psyched about it- such a great moment.

Even tho it’s gone , I  wanted to share it and the process with you.

I did a bigger canvas than usual- 22×24 If I remember correctly.

Let me get right to the pics:

So you can see the first photo is me laying down some texture on a gessoed canvas with texture paste and my Catalyst tools. After that I used a mixture of colors to get my background. I really love all the contrast and depth. Next photo- adding some gesso, darker colors here and there.

Next, some random sized and colored blocks with some outlining which I covered with a wash of gray brown paint mixed with Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid, which I wiped with a baby wipe after a minute or so.

A little fine tuning of the colors, then adding strips and blocks or darker colors- black, brown and some acrylic ink-which I turned into lollipop flowers surrounded by dots of liquid pearls.

I posted this on FB and almost immediately I had an offer-higher than the price I quoted them, btw-so woot! Hopefully one of many, although any artist knows it isn’t always easy to part with our work because each piece is a part of us.

The last photo is of all the products that were used to create this piece. I call it ” The Garden”. I hope you enjoyed it!



Happy Anniversary!


     Ok. So, it’s been……..a really long time since I posted anything. I haven’t done any art since December , due to a move and not having my art supplies with me for all this time. But, thanks to previously mentioned handsome man, I now have my supplies set up in a much smaller space in my new place.
    As soon as I could, I got to work. This piece I call , “Happy Anniversary”, because the base is made up of wrapping and tissue paper from the beautiful gifts my handsome man gave me for our recently celebrated, 2 year anniversary.
      Even tho I really like the colors and such, I need to start doing some new stuff and using new color combinations. I have seen that since I have been away from the mixed media art world, some of my favorite artists seem to have hit a wall with their art , while some are happily still evolving.  I hope to avoid the wall.
    Anyhoo, without any further ado , here it is. Hope the 2 people who are still following me, like it! Lol!


    See ya next time!

Time Out For Some Real Talk


   I normally do not talk about my personal life on here- I never thought I was that private a person, but I guess I am. Well, obviously I am because I was separated for 9 months before I told anyone except my closest friends and 1 sister,and I was dating HB (hot boyfriend) for several months before I told most people. I still haven’t told my father-prolly because no matter how hard I try, I am still not divorced (after 1 1/2 years of being separated) and I kinda think he will disapprove . I guess there is a still a “daddy’s little girl” in there after all.

  Of course let’s not get into some of the judging and harsh words I got when some people found out I am dating a man who isn’t a ‘born again Christian”- I was told I would go to hell basically for ‘fornicating”. Yep- she actually used that word. And then I shot her.

  Just kidding-I only grazed her. No seriously- she is a decent person, just misguided and didn’t quite know when to keep her opinions to herself.

 Personally, after being married to an abusive, cheating “christian” man and being treated badly by several others, including one demented pastor- I am pretty much over “christian” men. I think most of them are worse than the non-christian ones, because they are hypocrites and pretenders who try to convince women they are responsible for all the crap the men do. I drank that kool-aid until it almost poisoned me death. Not anymore.

     Ok-so next subject. Job hunting again at the age of 46 after having been a SAHM for 23 years. Ugh! Can I just tell you how scary that is? That voice in the back of my head telling me I’m too old and unskilled and never even finished college, so who on earth would hire me except Wal-Mart or Burger King? Well, thank God I didn’t listen to that voice because I  continued to apply for jobs that I wanted-even tho I wasn’t “qualified” and lo and behold, after months of looking- I applied for a prep cook job on Craigslist one morning and not even 2 hours later-the executive chef calls me and wants me to come in for a “trial run”! Whoo girl, you have never heard shouting like I was doing when I got off the phone. I didn’t even know what restaurant I was applying to because the ad didn’t say and Icouldn’t understand what the chef said(I did work it all out later tho-whew!) Anyhow- it’s this fancy fine dining place- and long story short- I did my trial run and he offered me the job! 

  Longer story short- I lost weight the first week because it was so hard and stressful I couldn’t eat. I almost quit several times, but how crazy would that be? I had to stay-for a million reasons- mainly money-but also because this is what I’ve wanted to do for the longest time and I cannot turn back now! It is still hard, but I’m getting the hang of things getting a little more comfortable every day. I really, really, really hate not feeling confident in what I am doing-so until that happens-anxiety continues-but chef and HB are really encouraging-so that helps.When the man I respect above all men (except my son) tells me he is proud of me- I feel like I can move mountains! (HB again).

  The greatest irony of this job is , now that I am cooking for a living- I don’t have the time to cook for my honey like I used to. Something I really love to do. ;( I would be sad about not having time to cook for my kids, but they don’t know how to eat food anyway,so it’s not a big deal. Oldest daughter is so picky, she usually doesn’t eat what I cook anyway-and youngest is picky enough to make me a little nuts. HB eats everything I give him-so that makes me happy!

  I don’t really know why I am telling you all this-but I just wanted to , so I did. So there! Real talk.

Stencil Embossing- The Sequel


So, I finished the layout from the last post and didn’t want to leave anyone hanging, so……..tada!




After using the heck out of some gelatos and oil pastels, I stamped some Dyan Reaveley stamps, stenciled some partial patterns with gesso from Julie Balzer‘s tag stencil, and basically called it a day. While I was doing this, my youngest was sitting on the floor, icing her foot ( dance injury) , while we watched old Whitney episodes on my Kindle.    Look at me, multitasking! Fun times!

Happy with Dylusions Art Journal page


I just bought the Dylusions Art Journal and I already love it! The paper is just a perfect medium to work on for all kinds of uses. Believe me ,I know because I think I used almost all of them on this page! The end result made me so happy, hence the name.
    Now I will attempt to give you a basic rundown of my process:
  1. I sprayed some water on the page and spritzed it with Dylusions sprays in bubblegum, fresh lime, turquoise and lemon zest.
  2. Colored in some of Balzerdesigns new heart stencils with Caran d’ache watercolor crayons then went over it with a wet brush.
  3. I added a photo transfer on the bottom right of dancers feet, but as you can see it is barely visible. After this point I was not ” happy” with my page.
    4.  I applied some Faber- Castel gel sticks around the hearts and transfer,but I still didn’t like it.
     5. Gesso!!!!I swear, when in doubt, get the gesso out! Finally I could see some hope in this mess. It was downhill from there.
      6. Did some random circles with Golden Yellow Dr.Martin’s india ink  outlinednwith black india ink and then just had fun coloring with my gel sticks on random places.
     7. Final touch- some splattering with india and acrylic inks and finis!


Comic Christmas Project 2012


So I had this post almost done and then I deleted the whole thing, so I’m pretty much screaming right now.
So to start over—- this is a project I did for a very handsome friend of mine who wanted me to make a special project for his 8 year old son for Christmas. he gave me 15 sequential comic book covers and he wanted me to somehow find a way to hang them on his son’s bedroom walls. Challenge accepted!
I’ve never done anything like this before but why should I let that stop me ?
After thinking about it a bit I decidedto get some foam board and spray paint it in colors to match the colors on the comic book covers. You might be able to see the drips ,well that was a mistake but I decided to just go with it!
That was quite a comic experience in itself .My daughter and I are outside trying to start spray paint these boards mounted on top of a skateboard , on a ladder in the blowing cold wind.(um..the boards, not my daughter and I-LOL) Nuff said.
So when that was dry I use Mod Podge to glue the covers on and after a couple coats on top and letting it dry I cut the boards down to more or less the same size. ( by the way it’s a good thing I was doing this instead of my handsome friend because he’s not good with sharp objects. He has been known to staple his own finger!) It wasn’t possible to line everything up perfectly but  after all my motto has always been” Good enough is good enough”!
All that’s left now is to attach them to the walls. Aforementioned handsome friend is also a well known procrastinator so this took literally weeks. But they are up now and I think they look awesome! What do you think ?







It’s About Time


So- its been awhile since I did anything on my blog. I have been so distracted by my life that I can’t even focus on day to day things very well lately. Some really good things, and some not so good things just crushing my  mind grapes for awhile now. I am getting ready to say goodbye to my old life and start a new one- so far, it doesn’t look too bad from over here.

  1.    What I am loving lately: Supernatural– Granted, I am getting in on this waaay late in the game. I am only just catching up on old episodes and so far I’m only on Season 4, but I am loving it! It’s the right combination of scary, bloody, gorgeous and hilarious. Check my FB page to see a couple of my favorite moments so far. Especially the one where Dean has demon sickness and sees a cat!
  2. Still riding the Downton Abbey train,and now I have Tunnel Bear so I can see the new episodes before they officially come out in the US!
  3. Someone who really takes the sting out of difficulties in life just by being there and treating you like a valuable person. Who calls you a “hippie” and “crazy” and makes them both sound like good things.
  4. Reading the new Stephen King book about JFK.
  5. Dry Reisling…who knew?
  6. Downtown Charlotte- for the first time I can actually see why someone would want to live there.

Something I hate: We had to say good bye to my dog Jake after 14 years. He just couldn’t do it anymore and I wasn’t going to ask him to. My girls and I cried a lot that day-as did my son i’m sure, but from far away.

Well, onto some photos of what my art class has been up to lately. Last time they were working on altered canvases- here are their works in progress. I don’t know why, but I can only get two photos to upload into this post- whenever I add a third-one of the previous one’s gets deleted. Blargh!!!

The Big Forty- A class at Donna Downey’s studio


So, I wanted to post this 2 nites ago when I got back from the above class-but I came down with the stomach gook (given to the whole family by my son’s visiting college friend, typhoid Tyler-gee thanks man!) and by the time I felt better-my internet was totally funky and took most of the day to work out-but then I had to go work-so here I am finally-2 days later. Well, better late than never, right?

Anyhoo- let me tell you, taking a class from, or just being around Donna is nothing short of entertaining( I would tell you some of her stories, but this is a G rated blog, thank you very much!) It was a 5 hour class on 40 of her favorite art journal/mixed media techniques. I don’t think I would be telling tales out of class to say it was in honor of her upcoming 40th birthday~!

I am lucky live just the next town over from her shop (about a 12-15 minute drive)-so I get to go there as often as I can afford it, which is not nearly enough, let me tell ya!

So, enough of my babble- on to the photos!

This lady is never without a smile or a hug!