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Happy Birthday Tag

Happy Birthday Tag

So, I just found out that a dear friend of my family died tonite. He was always like a second father to me.  I’m really happy all my kids got a chance to know him.

This post was not going to be about that- but I literally just got the message and didn’t want to just keep posting like nothing happened. Sometimes things just get real.

*long pause*

Ok- so I wanted to share the tag I made for my daughter’s 26th bday-

I used a plain large manila tag on laid down some gesso first, followed by several layers of monochromatic reds, magenta and pinks. After which, I stamped in white a stamp saying “May all your wishes come true” in layers of light and heavy. I finished up with stamped circles in black did some smudged outlines with a Faber-Castell pen in Cold Grey.

Fun and simple!

20151014_201713 (1)

Thanks for listening .


Mystery- Art Journal Page


If there is one word for my artistic style, it would be……………………………hmmmmmmmmmmmm……. is there one word for it? I dunno- Hot Mess? That’s two words-  work with me people!

Anyhow- whatever it is- here is the latest. The title is a shortened version of  ” The Lord works in mysterious ways–His wonders to behold!” And I am here to tell you-that is the TRUTH!  You can’t figure Him out no matter how much you think you have- something happens in your life and you just shake your head and wonder. Sometimes in sadness, but sometimes in absolute happiness.  Here’s to more happiness!!!

So, blah, blah, blah……get on with it!   If you look closely you might see a few pieces of a phone book underneath everything 🙂 Personally I am loving the scribbles. I really should pay attention to my steps so I can describe them to you-but frankly I can’t remember them all- I know I started with some Liquitex acrylic inks, then stenciled with the blazonery stencil, a multi circle stencil I got at Staples (or was it Michael’s?) I even laid down a piece of string in a haphazard way and sprayed some pink Dylusion spray over it. There is also a  clock stencil I put here and here with some purple madder Josonjas acrylic paint-  and then smeared everything with some gesso. I hope that helps.