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Dark and Stormy Night Canvas

Dark and Stormy Night Canvas


I really need to remember to take more photos of my process- sorry:

This first one is when I am already almost done with the canvas. I started with a stenciled base using heavy modeling paste. One of those big stencils you get at Michaels.

I then painted it with some Josonjas acrylic -rose madder and a teal color (can’t remember what brand)- I did a lot of pastels in greens, pinks and yellows and then sprayed some workable fixative over it before my next step.

Following all that, I attached some crocheted lace pieces with some mod-podge-which I painted over with acrylic inks and rubbed over it with dark glitters. I also affixed some green cord with more modeling paste and covered that with glitter as well. I also rubbed the areas around the lace with some dark colored pastels followed by more workable fixative. Some various ink drips here and there and voila!

This piece just seems very dark and brooding- I prolly was fighting with my ex at that point. I wish you could feel it, it is so full of texture!

Thanks for playing folks!


Handmade Coasters- Homeschool Art Class Project


I found a stack of blank cardboard coasters I bought a long time ago and just never did anything with- so I thought they might make a good project for my art class.  This was so simple and I think they turned out awesome!

I started with a layer of paint(it’s better if it looks kind of rough and uneven)- dried that then grabbed a stencil and sponged another paint color on top. Then pick a 3rd paint color and give it a light go over-I rubbed off some of it with a paper towel so it would look more aged and rough. Then just follow up with several coats of ┬ámod podge glossy acrylic spray on sealer. You can see on the blue coaster I outlined the stencil pattern with white pen to make it pop. Also on both coasters I painted a little of my stencil color around the edges.

I haven’t actually put a glass on it yet, so I can’t tell you how well they actually work-but they look good!