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The Big Forty- A class at Donna Downey’s studio


So, I wanted to post this 2 nites ago when I got back from the above class-but I came down with the stomach gook (given to the whole family by my son’s visiting college friend, typhoid Tyler-gee thanks man!) and by the time I felt better-my internet was totally funky and took most of the day to work out-but then I had to go work-so here I am finally-2 days later. Well, better late than never, right?

Anyhoo- let me tell you, taking a class from, or just being around Donna is nothing short of entertaining( I would tell you some of her stories, but this is a G rated blog, thank you very much!) It was a 5 hour class on 40 of her favorite art journal/mixed media techniques. I don’t think I would be telling tales out of class to say it was in honor of her upcoming 40th birthday~!

I am lucky live just the next town over from her shop (about a 12-15 minute drive)-so I get to go there as often as I can afford it, which is not nearly enough, let me tell ya!

So, enough of my babble- on to the photos!

This lady is never without a smile or a hug!