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WOYWW #165


Wow! These weeks just speed by! Time for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday at Stamping Ground– (even tho it’s actually still Tues. here).

This time the mess isn’t just mine- my daughter was up half the nite working on an art journal page and making a video of it! I haven’t even done that yet! She is busy editing it as I type.

Our entire art room is a mess- here are some photos.

This is actually a small table that usually doesn’t see this kind of action.

The reason my daughter had to work on the small table.


WOYWW #164


So, here it is, another Wednesday and time to show you what my creative mess looks like today ! Take a look at other “messes” and maybe post yours over at Julia’s blog.

I am on my second effort to put together a page for the latest WhiteWith1 layout contest. I had to totally trash the first one-FAIL!

This one shows promise if I can keep from screwing it up- that’s a big if!

Maybe you can see my carved stamps sitting there waiting to be used (not on this page tho)- My sweet son carved them for me. One day I will probably get around to doing my own, but for now- he is my go-to guy.


I was tempted to cover up my work, you know, just in case-but I trust you all 🙂 !! Who knows? It might end up right next to the last one!




It’s that time again- time to expose the soft underbelly of my workspace for Julia’s blog -Stamping Ground (http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/). I missed last week because I accidently cleaned before I had a chance to take a photo-but it was a hot mess, I promise!

Here I was working on my latest journal page (which will be my next post)- I don’t know why all that glue is sitting there- I didn’t use any of it.

Well, enjoy looking at my mess- and if you think that is bad, you should see the rest of the room!